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November 13, 2022

Ice and Snow

At 32º Fahrenheit (0º Celsius) something magical happens to water: it crystalizes. Of course, we often don’t’ see the individual crystals; we just see snow, ice, hail and wintery mix-and it’s often annoying. However, if you look closely, it’s beautiful. One of my favorite things to do with cameras is to look closely, very closely. With winter about to set in here I thought I’d share some snow and ice on this page.

I have a lot of really strange gear for looking closely. The most normal lens I use is a Nikkor 60mm f2.8 micro. The others include a Vivitar 90-180 Series 1 flat field lens, a Medical Nikkor, two Zeiss Luminars (the 25mm and the 63mm) and a bunch of microscope lenses. I also have bellows, extension tubes and a pile of adapters, so I have the tools to look at the very small. I used to use large format cameras to do this work, but new digital cameras, particularly the Nikon D-850 make the work easier and better! If you’re interested you can find an article I did, some years ago, on photo microscopy using this link: I really enjoy the challenges of using this gear and hope that will enjoy the images I’ve found.

As you might imagine I’d prefer that these pages don’t get filled with a great deal of text. If you’d like information about a specific image, please e-mail me at and I’ll let you know what I know. Of course, if you have specific requests about an image you’d like to purchase please use the same address. If you’d like to go ahead and purchase an image, please use the Paypal link below and give me the browser link to the image and your shipping address.

I am also trying a couple of things that will give people an opportunity to support this work. While I am fortunate to have enough money to continue to do this work, some things are pretty expensive. For instance 11×14 film is hard to get and costs about $300 for just 25 shots and a 120 roll of Ilford Delta 400 is close to $9. I have put in a link to Roberts Camera/Used Photo Pro that may get me a few dollars. I’ve bought a bunch of my used cameras from Used Photo Pro. They’ve been great! Roberts, basically the same place, is one of my go to suppliers for film. When I was living in Indianapolis their store was just a couple of blocks from my studio. So, I know them well enough to really recommend them. If you want to help me out, please use the link below to check out their stuff.

A few linksSiskinphoto.HomeIntroduction Page

Monument Valley

Taos Pueblo

Night Sky


Monastery Road



Ice and Snow


I did a large show when I was still in Indianapolis called Courting Chaos. The link will take you to the pages which describe the work and its evolution. These images are, well, chaotic and many of them are nudes. I hope you’ll find it interesting.

Links to my books, still available at Amazon!

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