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December 8, 2015

Rainbow in the Sky

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Rainbow in the Sky

Rainbow in the Sky

This shot isn’t an atmospheric phenomenon, and it isn’t even the sky, but it’s named Rainbow In The Sky. It’s a picture of a prop plastic ice cube. I took it with a 4X5 Toyo camera, a Zeiss Luminar (63mm) and about a yard of bellows. Effectively this is a microscope. By the time you make a 13 inch wide print of this the magnification is much more than 100x. I do a lot of work with microscopes of various kinds, please check out ( on the magazine page on my website and these are links to blog articles I’ve done on close up work and micrography:

I really like working with the microscope; it’s like going on a safari to an unknown land. You never know when something as mundane as a prop plastic ice cube will turn out to be fabulous. I still remember seeing this image appear on the ground glass, absolutely stunning! I’ll also be posting pictures of butterfly wings and all sorts of interesting microscopy images as I work on the fine art pages of my website. I hope you’ll continue to watch.

If you’d like to buy a digital print of this image, mounted and matted on archival cotton rag board, please use the PayPal link below. The image will be about 13 inches wide mounted on 16X20 board. The price includes shipping in the United States, for other countries please ask first.

This image, and many others, is also available in my book B-Four. You can look at the book at this link, and order it as well. I hope you’ll take a look at the book.

You can buy one of my other books by clicking on the titles below:

I’m going to be using my blog to add information about images to the fine art pages of my site. This part of the site isn’t functioning yet, but it will be. These posts will enable me to put up information about the shot and to add details about buying prints. I think it’s very useful to talk about the details of creating specific images. I hope to hear from you about this-use my e-mail to let me know: Of course I hope you’ll also want to buy some prints. I’ll be offering more types of prints in the future.

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