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August 13, 2013

Building the Studio

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My new studio is coming along. I’m adding a few notes about the process. First, I’ll just remind you about the classes: An Introduction to Photographic Lighting, Portrait Lighting on Location and in the Studio and Getting Started in Commercial Photography and the books:


I just wanted to add a few notes about the new studio. There are a lot of things to arrange, as you can imagine. I’ve got the utilities set up. I had to pay hundreds of dollars in deposits to do this. I also got business insurance. Right now I just have liability insurance. I’ll have to do an inventory of equipment pretty soon. When I do that I’ll also add pictures of the equipment that should be in each case, so I can make sure I take everything back from a location shoot. I’ve also arranged a decent internet hook-up, which you can imagine is important.

This is the wall that will define the offices. Note the posts to hold backgrounds.

I’ve included pictures of the construction. The first thing that needed to happen was rebuilding the bathroom. It’s finally finished!! The landlord paid for this. I’m also getting a couple of walls built to create some office space. I’ve built walls myself over the years, but I wanted them to actually look good. I’m paying for this part of the construction myself. Photography is a business about images, and I want the studio to have a good image! The pictures are all of the construction; no prizes will be awarded for guessing which one was taken with my phone.

The bathroom is finished!!

I’ll need to do a few more things. First I’ll need to arrange background rollers. You can see that there are some large posts that are being built into the wall. These posts will be for the seamless rollers. I’ll also upgrade my computer and monitor before I finish with the office. I want to move some of the fluorescent lights out of the way as well. I’ll build a box around the shelves in the back; lots of little things need to happen.

Before the office wall was built. The small office on the left side of the shot was already in the studio

The shelves are already starting to fill with equipment!

The portfolio class will meet again next week. If you’re in the Indianapolis area I hope you’ll consider joining us! You can find more information at the workshop page on my website: The class will meet at the studio. There’s plenty of parking, at least in the evening. This class exists to help you create a more coherent body of work. Please remember the classes and the books!
An Introduction to Photographic Lighting

Portrait Lighting on Location and in the Studio
Getting Started in Commercial Photography.


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